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Oftentimes, people ask me how I could leave the beauty of my birth country to come to the US: isn't France the ideal place for an artist? Well, home is where the "heART" is, literally. Moreover, there is nothing like the shock of leaving everything behind - family, language, possessions - to catapult you into the Truth of your raison d'être! Had I not done what is at once the most foolish and wise thing, I wouldn't know that "I" could paint!

Truth is: we are all artists! To paraphrase Picasso, the trick is to trust it as we grow up... So, how do we come to actually feel "in God, we trust?" Making Art (or life) begins with achieving the mastery of a skill, which is essential to such dedication. Practice opens the door for the core message to be felt and effectively communicated.

Yet, mastering a skill and having something to say amounts to nothing if one has not vowed to live life consciously, in service to Self/others. Such is the mission of leading contemporary "heARTists," to increasingly embody the energy of a liberated Self, as therein is the foundation of their creativity. In this manner can their work fulfill the assignment to be a inspirational force, and a catalyst for awakening. In this manner can their voice gain trust and a hearing.

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